What Are People Saying?

"I am 76 years old and do not take prescription drugs on a regular basis. I believe in holistic and homeopathic for handling my day-to-day needs. As I have continued to apply your CBDPureX cream, these “rope-type-feeling” areas have become smaller with one totally disappearing! And, the overall arthritic pain in my hands has went away!  It has made a big difference in my life. I am a very big believer and now a firm follower in this product! I am now ordering my own cream! Thank you for bringing such a great product to light!"

- Rebecca Cooper


"I had muscle soreness from training for a competition, and a friend suggested using CBD PureX 500 cream to help with the soreness. I applied the cream to my shoulders, and literally within 15-20 minutes, the soreness was reduced to almost nothing.  Now, after every training session, I apply the cream before any soreness begins.  I have had great results.  Thank you CBDPureX 500!"

- Frank S.


"I would like to thank you for how well your product works! November 2018 I had anterior cervical corpectomy surgery. From the surgery I am having healing pain along with nerves waking up which includes pain running from my left jaw down to the surgical site in my throat, plus inside the back of my neck (where my C3-4-5-6 was operated on from the front). I was given a sample of your CBDPureX cream to try and it works!  When used it offers relief in about 5 seconds to the applied target area and lasts for hours - if not most of the day!  What a relief!!"

-Bonnie Jo Trent

"My mother's doctor told me to use hemp cream on her back for pain when nothing else was helping. We used CBDPureX 300 mg, and it helped her immediately with her pain. She now uses it everyday to manage her pain She loves the fact that it is natural. I would highly recommend this product."

-Diana L.


"I'm someone who has experienced significant migraines over the years. After learning about CBDPureX from a friend, I had to try it. At the peak of my headache and after applying it to my stiff neck and temples as well as across my forehead, I started seeing results and a decrease in the pain. After about 5 minutes I had significant relief. This stuff worked well and I'm convinced it's a great natural way to go for pain relief."

-Dan Graczyk